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A man gets invited to a wild party – but never expected this!

A successful business man in NYC finally decided to retire. 

After years of making it big in the stock market, years of wild parties, and years of living the city life, he packs up and moves to rural Montana.  He's sick of the busy city, so he picks a very remote house in a very secluded rural area.   His closest neighbor is 3 miles away, and his mail/groceries are delivered once a week.  He never has to see anyone again.

He spends his time reading books, enjoying the nature, and in general enjoying his time alone.

One day his doorbell rings, and he opens his door to a large, rough looking man.  The man let's him know that his name is Lars, and he's his neighbor from about 5-6 miles up the road.  He's having a party on Saturday, and the man is invited.

"This sounds great!" the man thinks to himself. "I've been here alone these past few months, and I'm starting to get a little lonely.  Meeting the rest of the neighbors sounds like a pretty good time."

He says yes, and Lars is very happy to hear so. Before he goes, Lars gives him a warning: "Just so you know, there's probably going to be some poker or other card games.  I don't know how you feel about gambling, but some folks around here aren't too keen on it."

The man, having gone to a weekly guys poker night in his life in NYC, says he's totally fine with it.

Lars speaks up again: "Also, there's probably going to be some drinking.  Lots of drinking. I don't know how you feel about alcohol, but some folks around here aren't too keen on it."

The man hasn't been drunk much since he left NYC, thinks it'll be a great change of pace, and says that sounds good!

Lars speaks up one last time: "There's a good chance there's going to be a lot of sex.  These parties can get a little out of hand.  I don't know how you feel about orgies, but some folks around here aren't too keen on it."

After his wild life in NYC, the man is no stranger to wild sexual experiences, and after several months of no sex, he agrees.

Lars seems pleased, and turns to leave.

The man stops him and asks: "Wait, you forgot to tell me what time on Saturday."

Lars replies: "You can swing by anytime you want. It's just going to be the two of us."

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