A man is lost in a hot air balloon

A man is lost in a hot air balloon.

He sees a field below and descends to shout: "Hey can you tell me where I am? I'm trying to get to a friend whom I said I would meet in 30 minutes."

The man in the field says: "Yes, you are in a red hot air balloon, hovering 30 feet above the ground, in the middle of this field"

"Ah, you must be an engineer", replies the balloonist

"I am indeed, but how did you know?", asks the man.

"Well", says the balloonist, "everything you've said is technically right, but is of no use to anyone"

To this, the man replies: "Any you must work in management"

The balloonist confirms this, but asks how the man knew.

"Well", replies the man, "You don't know where you are, how to get where you're heading, made a promise you can't keep. You expect me to be able to help, but after all this time, we're in the exact same position we were before, but now it's my fault"