Contest of blessings

Contest of blessings

A rich man and a poor man had an argument. A debate over who is more blessed. The poor and content family man or the rich and sucessful bussines man.

They decided whoever recieved a blessing by the pope first, was the more blessed person and would be the winner of the bet.

Each had their own strategy to recieve the pope’s blessing. After hearing that the pope blesses the first person he sees each morning, the poor man had thought to camp outside his balcony and recieve his blessing as he greeted the new day. While the rich man used his money and connections to get a room right next door. Hoping to do the same.

The plans were set as each man waited to greet the pope as he begins his new day. The pope walks out this morning and looks at the rich man waving his arms to greet him a balcony over. Their eyes meet, but the pope glances over him to the poor man jumping to catch his attention down in the square. The pope proceeds to do a sign and the poor man had won the bet.

Later on the rich man had gotten to meet the pope and ask “why didnt u bless me this morning, but instead bless the man in the square?”. The pope responded “bless him??? I was talking to a cardinal and i said see that man, tell him to get the hell out of here his tent is an eyesore”