Father Christmas was in a very, very bad mood

A Christmas Myth.

After learning about different ways to celebrate Christmas, the children were eager to learn more about the subject.  Knowing that one of the teachers at their school was from the UK and maybe had an angel on top of the tree instead of the classic star, they went to ask him about it.

It's a long story he said:  It began a very, very long time ago.  It was a cold and snowy day, as it usually is on the North Pole.  December was almost halfway passed already, but still, no decoration were in place. 

The elves couldn't make time to decorate as they were busy making toys.  And Father Christmas was in a very, very bad mood. 

So the Christmas angel figured he had to do something to cheer him up so Christmas would be joyful as always.  Thus, he cleaned the workshop and the house, tossed out the old take away leftovers and went to look for the decorations.  Approaching Father Christmas he asked:

-What should I do with these decorations? The angel asked.

-I don't care, leave me alone! Father Christmas hissed back.

The angel figured he put up the decorations and give Father Christmas another day.  Maybe the clean house and the decorations would cheer him up.  And the next day the angel went to Father Christmas to ask about how he should organize the Christmas gifts on the sleigh.

-I don't care, leave me alone! Father Christmas hissed again.

The angel, not admitting defeat just yet.  He let another day pass and figured he should put up the Christmas tree while he were on it.  Not entirely sure where to put it, as it never was in the same spot for two years in a row, he meekly approached Father Christmas, hoping he would be in a better mood as Christmas was very, very close.

-Where do you want the Tree? The angel asked.

-As far as I'm concerned…, said Father Christmas. You can take the tree and SHOVE IT UP YOUR…

-And that's the story of how the Christmas angel got on top of the Christmas tree.