Funny Joke | 3 men arrive at the Pearly Gates at the exact same time.

3 men arrive at the Pearly Gates at the exact same time.

St Peter was very curious, so he asked the first man to tell his story.

Man 1: My blood pressure is high. so my Dr put me on meds and told me to workout more. I was on my balcony riding my stationary bike when I suddenly got dizzy and fell over the balcony. Somehow I caught the balcony below, but within seconds someone came out to their balcony and started beating on my fingers! I fall from the balcony and land in the bushes. I was alive! As I’m processing what just happened, I look up and see a fridge come over the balcony and crushes me.

St Peter: Wow, that’s something. What about you?

Man 2: I was suspicious of my wife cheating, so I came home early from work today and found my wife naked in bed. Now either housewives lay around all day naked with candles burning and Barry White playing, or something was up. I searched the apartment but couldn’t find anything. That’s when I heard a noise on the balcony. I go outside and see someone hanging off the edge, so I start beating his hands until he falls… BUT HE DIDNT DIE! So I grabbed the fridge and rolled it right over the balcony. Right as it crushed the guy, I had a heart attack and died.

St Peters: Uhhh, interesting, and you?

Man 3: Imagine yourself naked in a fridge.