Funny Joke | 3 men go to heaven

3 men go to heaven

(context: this heaven is different, very different, your way of transportation is based on how many times you’ve sinned, ex. larger amount of sins = worse car, low amount of sins = better car)

3 men go to heaven, 1 man walks up to God, God asks the man “How many times have you cheated in your wife,” The man looks down in disappointment and mumbles, “6 times sir,” “Oh man, here,” God throws him a pair of keys, “you see that Ford down there, it’s yours now buddy.” The man slumps his way towards the car. “Let’s see if you can do any better.” God says, calling the next man up, “You know the question, how many times.” “2 times” the man says. “Still bad, but definitely better, ok… you get a BMW.” “Yes!” The man exclaimed. The next man walks up, “How many times ha—“ The man cuts God off, “ I have never EVER cheated on my wife!” The man shouts. “Good job, you get the Lamborghini down the street.” God says. The man leaps his way towards his new car. The next day the 2 men from before find the 3rd crying on the curb, “What’s wrong?” They question the man. The man looks towards them in surprise, “Oh, it’s, uhm nothing.” The man focuses on the ground, “Come on man, you can tell us.” The man sighs, “I saw my wife half an hour ago… she was driving a golf cart.”