Funny Joke | 3 men got to heaven

3 men got to heaven

(English is not my native language, so please excuse any mistakes)

3 men died in an accident and got to heaven. They met God, who said that they would get a vehicle each. What it would be were decided based of how faithful the men had been to their wifes.

The first man looked down and said in a shameful tone “I’ve been cheating on my wife 5 times.”
God nods “Then you will get an average Volvo!”

The next man sighs before speaking up “I’ve only cheated on my wife once, but I regret it every day!”
Again, God nods “Then you will get a BMW!”

The last man speaks up “I’ve never cheated on my wife! Ever since I first saw her, I’ve never been interested in any other woman!”
Again, but with a smile, God nods “Be proud, young man. You will get a Lamborghini!”

A few weeks later, the first 2 men see their friend sitting on the pavement, bawling his eyes out.
“What’s the matter, man? You have the best car here! Why are you crying?”
The third man says, between sobs “I just saw my wife… She didn’t have a car… She was rolling on a skateboard!”