Funny Joke | A drunken guy ( call him John) arrives home late at night

A drunken guy ( call him John) arrives home late at night

He finds his wife asleep in bed. He changes his clothes and lies in bed next to his wife and falls asleep almost instantly. He wakes up after a while to see his bed is surrounded by clouds, his wife isn’t next to him and there’s a guy looking down on him. “Who are you and what is this place?” Asks the John

“You’re in heaven John. You died. I’m St. Peter and I’m here to guide you in the afterlife”

“But i can’t die. I have to make sure my wife has a good life and at least i have to say goodbye to her. Can’t you reincarnate me so i can talk to her one last time?”

“Well yeah, but the closest reincarnation to your house is a hen”

“I’ll take my chances”

“Well then go back to sleep you’ll wake up as the hen tomorrow”

John wakes up as a hen the next day on a farm. As he tries to leave it the rooster approaches.

“Now where the hell does a fine chick like you leave in such a hurry? I ain’t see you ovulating no eggs, missy.” Says the rooster.

“What’s ovulating?”

“Oh you’re a new one. It means laying eggs. You’ll see in a while”

John then feels something shaking inside him. He feels his whole body moving as if to let something out and then a feeling of joy and when looks below himself he sees he laid his first egg. He lays another one and is overcome with the feeling that he now understands what it feels to be a mother. As he begins to lay the third one John is woken up by his wife, who’s screaming next to him