Funny Joke | A farting bomb

A farting bomb

So 2 guys wanted to go on a plane, once the got on the took off and flew up into the air and one said “DUDE YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT WE SHOULD DO” the other guy said “what” then he said again “DUDE YOU WANT TO WHAT WE SHOULD DO!” “What!” This happens 10 more times before the guy that said what he said “I meant what should we do?” He was like oh then he said “we should throw stuff out the plane!!!” Then they both said ya! 20 times each then 1 said what about that apple so they ran to it then threw it out. Splat. Then they were like “dude what next??” The pilot was eating a burrito and they took it. They threw it out. Splat. They were like dude what else? Then they saw a bomb then threw it out. BOOM. After they heard the noise they were like let’s go see were they landed they were walking down a path and saw a guy with bunch of yellow with some red chunks. He was sobbing and they asked what happened and he said “soehehdbr and hit mhdudhr hehehdd” and they asked for him to calm down. Then he said “an apple came down from the sky” both said you have to be careful for those fruit trees! Then the continued on then they saw another guy with beans all over him. He was sobbing to. They asked what happened and he said that “bdhdjjd djebdbnd djebdbn” they asked him to calm down and he said “ a burrito came down from the sky and hit him” then they both said “gotta be careful for those food trucks then continued on. Then they saw a woman dying of laughter on the ground then they both said “she’s on some drugs” but still walked up to her and said “why are you laughing so hard and she said “ it’s it’s it’s because I farted and then my house exploded!!!!!!!!! She still said dying of laughter. They both looked at each other while trying not to panic so they ran away.