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A joke

So there’s this guy going to the prom with his girl he first has to go buy a suit. So he goes to the shop to buy a suit. And when he gets it there’s a huge line. So he waits in line for 30 minutes. He then realises he needs some flowers. So he goes to the flower store gets flowers and there’s a line. He waits 15 minutes in the line. He then has to go to the prom he’s in his car, and there of course is traffic jam. He’s there for and hour and a half. When he gets to the prom he decides he’s hungry so he goes to maccas. And of course there’s a line he’s there for 20 minutes. When he gets to the prom he gives his girl flowers. Before the prom they want to take a photo but of course, there’s a line they wait 15 minutes and then he decides after all that waiting he needs a drink. So he goes over to the punch but. There’s no punchline