Funny Joke | A man and his wife go to a sex counselor..

A man and his wife go to a sex counselor..

“Doc, our sex life has gone to the dogs. We barely do anything more than missionary anymore and only once a month… if that”, says the wife.

The doctor hms and haws.

“Have you two ever tried spicing things up with a sex game?” he asks.

“Like what?” the husband asks.

The doctor then asks the couple to strip completely naked and observes the pair for a few minutes.

He then says, “I want you to go to the grocer and pick up a box of donuts and a bunch of grapes. Go home, get naked, and try this: every time you loop a donut on his penis, you have to eat it off. Every time you get a grape to land on her vagina, you have to eat it out”.

The couple are hesitant but they go home and try what the doctor asked and they love it. They become way more sexually active and their sex life is healed.

Later that week, the wife if speaking with her friend over tea and explains to her friend how visiting a sex therapist saved her sex life. The friend is thrilled to hear this and asks for the doctor’s name.

The friend and her husband go to the doctor later that day and tell the doctor they are having the same issue as her friend.

The doctor asks them to strip naked and promptly says, “I can’t help you.”

The couple are confused and inquire, “Why not?”

“I just can’t”, he says.

The wife’s friend is desperate and begs, “Please! Can’t you possible recommend anything? My friend swore your advice saved them!”

The doctor let’s out a long, heavy sigh.

He begrudgingly replies, “I want you to go pick up a box of cheerios and a sack of potatoes..”