Funny Joke | A new emerging rock band is having its first concert

A new emerging rock band is having its first concert

To be sure that everything goes perfectly the group’s manager decides to invite a well known concert critic: If he decided to come and the concert went well, that would’ve been their occasion to take off in the world of music

Incredibly the critic accepts their offering and is present in his special seat during the big night

Every member is amazed by the incredible luck they just had and every they give their best that night, putting their souls into every note and even having a firework show for their big finale

At the end of the concert the public seems enthusiastic and satisfied, and the mass starts slowly exiting the building

The meanger approaches the critic’ s seat planning to invite him over for a bottle of champagne, to soft him up a little, when he hears loud snoring

Caught off guard, he discovers that the critic fell asleep at some point during the concert, and decides to wake him up

“Excuse me sir, were you sleeping?”

“What?! Oh.. oh no I was just concert rating…”