Funny Joke | A Random Sailor Stumbled Into A Pub

A Random Sailor Stumbled Into A Pub

Upon entering he was quickly stared down by everyone in a relentless awe. As he pulled up a stool to the bar to order the strongest drink he could buy, the bartender said, damn it maan, what the hell happened to you!? The sailor looked up exposing fully his very small almost shrunken head right atop his muscular shoulders. The sailor replied in an abnormally high pitch & says— “let me tell you the story”… of course by this time other patrons had began joining in for a good listen too. The sailor begins telling how he had been out at sea & net fishing the last few weeks. This morning he said, I pulled in a nice big catch of fish, my net was full, although among this great catch was a bit of trash & debris caught in the net. While cleaning it out he came across a small old brass oil lamp looking piece. It looked like an really old antique & it reminded him of the jinn stories he use to hear as a kid, but never actually believed in. Anyway, for the fun & sheer hell of it the sailor says, I gave it a good rub on the top where it looked like words or maybe symbols were nearly hidden engraved beneath the dirt & algae. Much to my complete surprise out appears the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! Except she was almost see thru like holographic. Just then as he stood nearly frozen, looking shocked & in disbelief. The beautiful woman began to speak saying, it was crucial no one else must see her or there could be dire consequences & so she politely asked to be returned to the sea without any trouble please. As a reward however, she promised the sailor just one wish if he promised not to tell anyone of its existence or location. He happily agreed to the deal & begin thinking of a single wish. Since he was fairly wealthy he didn’t really want the usual things, but he did wish that the beautiful looking genie would become human & then marry him. She replied, Thats a nice thought, but my home is not of this world, and she simply could not become something she wasn’t. The wealthy sailor now frustrated by what he perceived as complete rejection says ok then & wished for her to make love to him somehow… allowing him the greatest pleasure ever! The beautiful jinn replied like the first time, I’m sorry, but I’ve already told you I am not & can not become part of this world. Sorry pal, but there are limits to this arrangement. The Sailor now utterly disappointed & unable to wish for what he wanted said, so let me get this straight! No marvelous bride? No hot stellar sex. Nothing of the sort? That’s correct the jinn said. So as a last ditched effort without considering the any consequences, he blurted out damn it not even just a little head? The jinn smiled & replied gleefully before she disappeared, now that I can do!