Funny Joke | A rich oil tycoon from Texas made his way to Ireland one day…

A rich oil tycoon from Texas made his way to Ireland one day…

…where he made his way to a local pub.

He walked up to the bar and laid a bag of money on the counter whilst he declared to all in the room:

“I heard y’all Irish can drink, so I put it to you that not one of y’all’s can drink 500 shots back to back. Prove me wrong, and I’ll give you this here five thousand dollars.”

The room immediately grew silent, not a soul stirred. Then suddenly, a single gentleman stood to his feet, assumed at first to be an accepting challenger but he quickly stormed out the front door.

A half hour of time passed and the same man came back walked to the bar turned to the Texan and said, “Alright, I’ll take that bet!”

The bartender lined up 500 shots and the Irish man tossed them back one after the other until he had finished all 500 shots in record time.

The Texan raised his eyebrows in surprise and tipped back his hat as he handed the bag of money to the winning contender. “Well, you won.” he said then asked. “Outta’ curiosity, where’d you go for that half hour?”

To which the Irish man laughed then replied. “Oh that! I went to the bar across the street to see if I could really do it first!”