Funny Joke | Bangity-Bangity (long)

Bangity-Bangity (long)

A young man who had been raised to be deathly afraid of guns was drafted into the army. He was ordered to overcome his fear or face perpetual KP duty. So, he went to a hypnotist who convinced him he would never have to fire a gun. “Just point your finger and say, ‘Bangity-Bangity.'”

When in battle, the frightened soldier discovered it really worked. He pointed his finger ahead and said, “Bangity-Bangity,” and the enemy fell to the ground as if dead. He pointed to the left and said, “Bangity-Bangity,” and more enemy soldiers fell down, dead. He aimed his finger to the right, and then, “Click, Click.” He was out of bullets.

So, our hero made a fist as if he had a knife in his hand and ran towards the enemy, swinging his arm wildly, yelling, “Stabity, Stabity.” The enemy fell over, dead.

Then, one enemy soldier refused to die. No matter how many times he was stabbed, he simply kept marching, trampling our hero into the ground. As he lay on the ground, battered, our hero heard the enemy soldier repeating the words, “Tankity, Tankity. Tankity, Tankity.”

(Disclosure: this is an old David Brenner joke.)