Funny Joke | New truck

New truck

My buddy Frank bought a new truck today and the dealer made sure to mention that if the spark plugs get wet that is wont work. So if you know it’s going to rain to be sure to put vaseline on them.

He happened to be going to his girlfriend’s parents house for the first time tonight and Shiela told him that the first person to talk during dinner did the dishes. He didnt think much of it until they arrived. There were dishes everywhere. Seemed to be from last Thanksgiving.

During dinner he sure noticed that nobody made a peep. He wanted to test it out so he groped sheila’s tits and ass. Her father was pissed, and he could tell, but said nothing. He decided to take it a little further and bent her over the kitchen table and started fucking her. Her dads face turned purple and he could see veins nearly popping but he didnt say a word. He asked himself how far could he go and proceeded to bend his girlfriend’s mother over and fuck her in the ass over the mantle. You could see fire burning in her father’s eyes, as if he would kill a man but said absolutely nothing.

In the distance you could hear thunder starting to roll. So he pulls out and grabs his vaseline when the father shouts, FUCK IT, ILL DO THE DAMN DISHES!!