Funny Joke | Prom day

Prom day

Johnny is excited for prom day. There’s this girl that he likes. He builds up the courage to ask her and she says yes!

He knows he needs to start organizing things. First – the limo. He goes to the limo shop, and there is a long limo line. He gets into the line, makes it to the front and books a limo for the big day.

Next, a tux. He goes to the tuxedo shop, and there’s a long tuxedo line. He stands in the line, gets to the front, and books himself a snazzy tux.

After that, he wants to get a nice bouquet of flowers. He goes to the flower shop, where there’s a long flower line. He stands in the line, gets to the front and orders a beautiful bouquet of roses.

The big day arrives. Bouquet in hand, looking grest in his tux, he arrives in the limo to pick up the girl. Off they head to the prom.

When they get there, he asks the girl if she’d like a drink. She responds “yes”. He heads over to the punch table.

There’s no punch line.