Funny Joke | Scientists invent a new machine to ease the pain during childbirth

Scientists invent a new machine to ease the pain during childbirth

The machine transfers the pain a woman feels during labor to the father of the baby, at any percantage rate between 0 and 100%.

The first couple to test it is very excited, they connect the machine to the soon-to-be-mother and warn the husbands about the consequences. “Men are not used to feel pain like this, even a small amount of it could knock you out. We will start with 10%”

The man agrees, sits besides his wife and the first contractions begin. The woman screems in agony while the machine starts its work and the scientist sets it to 10%. “Do you feel a difference?”, they ask the woman, and she nods. “It got slightly less painfull!”

The man clenches his fists and his teeth to prepare for the pain but seems to handle it quite well. “Are you alright?” “Yes, i’m fine. Increase the pain transfer, i want to support my wife as good as possible!” So they increase it to 25%. The next wave of pain arrives and the mother screams again, but not as hard as the first time. The husband, still clenching his fists, instructs the scientists to increase the percantage even more. “I can take it, please make that my wife feels less pain!” The scientists agree and increase it to 50%.

The woman almost seems relaxed during the next few contractions, only making light sounds of discomfort, while the man is highly concentrated, breathing steadily. “I’m a very tough man, increase it to 100% please!” he asks the scientists. “But sir, such high amounts of pain can kill you!” “I’m absolutly sure, i can handle it. Please, i want to make this completly painless for my wife”

They increase the machine to 100%, the wife now completly relaxed while her body does all the work without a trace of pain, while the man’s head turns red, his knuckles turn white. “See i can handle it”, he says stoicly.

4 hours later the baby is born, a healthy baby girl. The wife is very happy with the procedure having felt no pain for most of the time, the husband proclaims he’s probably the toughest man in the world and that he felt not that much pain, being a real man and so on. The machine is celebrated as great invention of making the fathers part of the birth. Husband and Wife take their newborn baby back to their house.

In front of their door lies the mailman on the ground, dead.

(I hope i haven’t made huge mistakes, english is not my native language 🙂 )