Funny Joke | The Tibetan Monks

The Tibetan Monks

On a dark night in Tibet, a young man was driving along a mountain road, when he blew a tire. He managed to save himself from flying off a cliff, and trundled to a stop 100 yards later. As he got out, he heard a noise in the distance, and noticed a light shining up the mountain. The noise was unlike anything he had ever heard, and seeing as he needed somewhere to spend the night he hiked towards the light. After a few minutes, he found himself at the door of a monastery. He told the monks what happened, and they offered to fix his car and let him stay the night. As he was escorted to his room, he asked one of the monks what the noise was. They responded, “Oh I can’t tell you that, you’re not a Tibetan monk!”

The next morning he drove back to the city, and flew back home to New York. But he couldn’t forget the noise, and flew back a few months later, intent on becoming a monk and figuring out the source of this heavenly sound. Upon arrival, he was given three tasks, the first of which involved climbing every mountain in the world and collecting a stone from each. 15 years later he returned to the monastery with his stones, and was given the second task: count every grain of sand in the world. 20 years later he returned and received his third task: take a vow of silence for 10 years while devoting himself to the poor. He completed this task, and at the age of 55, he was finally granted the honor of being a Tibetan monk.

That night, he was given a ring of keys, and brought to the deep basement of the monastery, to learn of the source behind this magical noise. He was left alone in front of a large wooden door, which matched a large wooden key on the ring. He could barely contain himself as he fiddled with the lock, and swung the door open to reveal… another door, made of iron, which matched another key on the ring. With sure hands he unlocked this one and swung it open to reveal… another door, made of gold, which matched another key on the ring. He gurgled in excitement and unlocked the gold door which revealed… another door, made of diamond, which, you guessed it, matched the final key. He quickly unlocked the final door, took a deep breath, pulled it opened, and saw…

Well now that I can’t tell you, you’re not a Tibetan monk.