Funny Joke | This is a long joke but the build up is worth it

This is a long joke but the build up is worth it

Somewhere far away from here, there was a horse, a cow and a chicken. The horse had always wanted to start a band, so he learnt to play the guitar, while he was learning, he started looking for others who would be interested in joining his band, and found a chicken who was really good at singing and playing the keyboard, so he invited him to join his band and the chicken accepted. The horse and the chicken sounded really good together but it still didn’t sound quite right, so the chicken called up an old friend who could play the drums quite well, and asked him if he wanted to join their band, and he accepted. After the cow joined the band, they started to sound really good, and started working on a few songs.

Fast forward a couple months and they have become good friends and their first tour is booked and they are at the airport getting ready to fly down to their first tour destination. Everything is going smoothly as they get past security and board their plane, and it takes off. But about 45 mins into the flight, the plane enters into extreme turbulence and the pilot didn’t see that a couple of birds had flown into one of the engines. The plane starts to go down and everyone starts panicking. Below them is a suburban neighbourhood, and there is no place to land safely nearby. The plane starts loosing altitude drastically and people are saying their good byes to their loved ones. The pilot managed to slow the plane down enough as it got close to the ground to not cause to much trouble, but then a fire breaks out. The cabin crew start rushing to get everyone out of the plane and the band help them to evacuate the elderly and the infants first. When it was their time to exit the plane, the horse went first, and as he got out the plane exploded, killing the pilot and the cabin crew and the chicken and the cow.

The horse is really devastated by this loss, and goes to a bar to try and ease the pain, when he goes up to the bartender to order, the bartender notices his expression and asks him, “why the long face my friend?”