Funny Joke | Three man go to hell

Three man go to hell

As they are stading in front of Satan, he said “If you can complete my challenge, you can go to heaven instead.” “Sure, can’t hurt to try” The first man said. “Okay, so what’s the challange, big guy?” The second guy said “You have to venture into my kingdom and find and bring back a kind of fruit which you will shove three up your ass. If you can do it, you can go ti heaven. But if you fail, you will be torture for eternity.” Satan answer. The first man came back with three apples and failed at the second one. As he was being transport to the torture chamber, he saw the second guy come back with three grapes. Later, he saw the second guy next to him in the torture chamber. “What happened? You had grapes” the first guy ask “Well, as I was shove the third one up my ass, I saw the other motherf*cker came back with three durians!”