Funny Joke | Three nuns go to Heaven…

Three nuns go to Heaven…

And when they are at the gates, Saint Peter says:

“I know you have sinned, I see it in your eyes. Before you walk through these gates you must atone for your sins. Sister Isabella, your eyes once coveted the flesh of a man. You must wash your eyes with Holy Water and you’ll be free of sin and then you will walk in Heaven. Please proceed to the Holy Water Basin and clean thy eyes at once”

He then addresses the second nun:

“Sister Laura, your hands once touched money that was obtained form a robbery. Go forth and clean thy hands with Holy Water and your sin will be atoned, and then you will walk through the Gates of Heaven”‘

Saint Peter then looked around, looking for Sister Jennifer, but he couldn’t find her. He asked:

“Where did Sister Jennifer go?”‘

To which one of the nuns replied:

“She’ll be right back, she’s over there gargling some Holy Water”