Funny Joke | Three sailors got stranded on an island.

Three sailors got stranded on an island.

The cannibals captured them and were about to eat them. The sailors begged them to not to, so the leader said to them, “bring 10 of the same thing to me from the forest.”

The sailors went and the first sailor came back with 10 bananas.

“Good, now stick all of them up your ass and you live” said the leader.

The sailor the stick the bananas in one by one. After his third, he could no longer put anymore bananas in, so the leader had him killed.

The second sailor came with 10 grapes. The leader demanded the same thing, so the sailor stick them in one by one, easily. As he was about to stick his tenth grape, he burst into laughter. The leader was angry, so he had the second sailor killed.

The second sailor went to heaven and met the first sailor.

“You died too?” the first sailor asked. “Yeah” the second sailor replied.

“Did he ask you to put those 10 things up your ass?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

“He asked me to do the same thing too. I brought a bunch of bananas and it was like hell! What did you bring?”

“Some grapes.”

“Grapes? That’s easy! Why did you still die?”

“Because I laughed before I could even put in my tenth one.”

“You idiot! Why did you laugh?!”

“Because I saw the other sailor, and he had durians.”