Hilarious Best Non Veg Joke Of The Day: Blind Man & Land Lady

A handsome blind person was allowed to stay as a paying guest by a lonely land lady.

Being blind, he was considered as harmless creature free to move any where in the house.

Once he comes back to house from out side.

The moment he enters the house he starts shouting happily and searching the land lady in the house.

He is asks impatiently.

“Madam where are you I am very happy today. I want to give very good news to you. Where are you madam? Please tell me.”

The madam replies, “Just wait. I am in the bathroom. I will come with in five minutes.”

He was anxious.

He says, “No. No. Madam. I can not wait. The news is so good and I want to share it with you instantly. Please come out immediately.”

Madam thinks, “Let me honour his wish. Any how the poor fellow is blind.”

So she comes out of the bathroom naked and asks the blind person, come here tell me what the good news is?

* * * * * * * *

He replies, “Madam, do you know? My vision is back.”