If you hear reply, it mean that there are a beautiful woman inside wanting to have the sex

A Japanese man decides to do some travelling in Africa.

A few days into his journey, he came across a tribe not far from a large and dense rain-forest. The tribe leader was ecstatic that someone of Asian descent was at his tribe. They quickly exchanged names and the tribe leader offered to give a quick tour of the rain-forest nearby.

Sato was amazed at the wildlife diversity and learnt many new things about African flora and fauna. The tribe leader was happy that his guest was enjoying his time.

About ten more minutes of walking, they encountered a cave; it was pitch black. Sato tried to make out any figures or objects in the cave but light only shone in about a few meters.

"Toot toot toot," the tribe leader called out in a deep and nonchalant voice.

The tribe leader edged towards the cave and cup his hand around his ear, awaiting a response.

"Toot toot toot," a slightly higher pitched voice called back.

The tribe leader quickly took off all his clothes and dashed into the cave, leaving Sato shocked and confused.

About five minutes later, the tribe leader strolled out, sweating all over and panting in exhaustion.

"What in the world just happened?!" Sato asked frantically.

The tribe leader laughed as he slowly put on his clothes.

"We have a interesting culture here in this area; when you see a cave, you must call out like me and wait for a reply. If you hear reply, it mean that there are a beautiful woman inside wanting to have the sex and you must run in swiftly!"

Sato was taken aback; he has never heard anything like it!

The next day, he trekked alone into the mountain side and came across a smaller rain-forest where wet leaves littered the ground from a storm that morning.

The tribe leader's words echoed in his mind and his curiosity was at an all time high; would the same thing happened?

The damp atmosphere was relaxing as he briskly explored the rain-forest, capturing the beautiful African nature around him.

Lo and behold, right next to the mountains was an extremely huge cave that stood about two to three times his height.

He was exhilarated! A cave this huge must mean many women who could be bustier or more sexually active. He put down his belongings and called out as loud as he could,

"Toot toot toot!"

He paused and listened.

But there was no reply.

"Toot toot toot!!"

He called even louder.

Again, silence.

Sato was furious, he refused to be robbed of this golden opportunity. He took a gulp of water and braced for the loudest call of his life.


Almost immediately, the cave shrieked back in an extremely solemn voice that was twice as loud.


Sato was on cloud nine, he tore through his clothes with utmost joy and sprinted into the cave.

The next morning, on the front page of the African Daily,