It’s Grey Cup weekend in Vancouver

It's Grey Cup weekend in Vancouver… the Stampeders are playing the Argonauts at BC Place, and fans are flying in from all over the country to watch the game and join in the festivities.

It's kind of chaotic at the domestic arrivals terminal at YVR.  Air Canada and WestJet flights are arriving from all over the country, bringing CFL fans from everywhere, many of whom are already fully dressed in their team's colours and partying it up.

An American couple is also there, having recently arrived to Vancouver to catch a cruise ship that's on a short, repositioning trip, and they have no idea what's going on.  They're looking at all of the craziness around them, and spot a couple of Rider Nation fans, fully decked-out as only Roughrider fans can be; dressed in green and white from head to toe, faces painted green and white, horns, cowbells, the whole deal.

The puzzled wife says to her husband,

"I wonder where they're from?"

"No idea", he replies.

"Well, why don't you go ask?"

"Yeah, ok."

So the husband walks over to them and says…

"Excuse me, sir… my wife and I were just wondering… where you folks from?"

"Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!", the man proudly announces.

The man goes back to his wife.

"What'd he say?", she asks.

"I don't know — they don't speak English."