Simple Clean Husband Wife Love Joke: Influence Of Anesthesia

In a recovery room a man was just waking up from anesthesia after surgery.

His wife was sitting by his side holding his hand.

His eyelids just opened for a few seconds.

He looked at his wife as if he was returning from out of body experience, hallowed by bright white light.

With a broken smile and in a groggy voice he mumbled at his wife,

“You are so beautiful.”

Then he fell asleep and started snoring again waking up other recovering room surgery patients and annoying nurses.

His wife had never seen him so ugly and yet so romantic.

So she suppressed all her disgust of environment, held his hand tighter and chose to stuck there for a while.

After a while the man opens his eyelids again but wider and for longer time.

He loves the comfort of his wife and says, “You are cute!”

The wife was disgusted, threw his hand on the bed and demanded an explanation,

“It was ‘beautiful’, last time and how it is ‘cute’ this time. What happened to my beauty?”

The man answered,

* * * * * * *

“Honey, I am recovering to reality from the influence of Anesthesia.”