The husband was angry when he discovered this about heaven

An elderly couple died in a car crash.

They had been in excellent health for years through taking regular exercise and also because the wife was obsessed with eating health foods, keeping a strict watch on both of their diets.

So when St Peter welcomed them to Heaven, they were keen to take advantage of the first-class relaxation facilities. 

The husband was particularly impressed by the eighteen-hole golf course and the Olympic-sized swimming pool. ‘This is an amazing place you’ve got.’ He told St Peter. 

‘And there’s more,’ said St Peter. ‘Let me show you the restaurant.’

As they observed the sumptuous buffet serving every food imaginable, the husband asked: ‘Where’s the low-fat table?’ 

‘Oh, you don’t have to worry about things like that anymore.’ Said St Peter, ‘you can eat whatever you want here, no matter how fatty it is, and it’s all free. That’s the beauty of Heaven!’

With that, the husband thew his hat to the ground in a fit of temper. ‘What’s the problem?’ Asked St Peter. 

Turning to his wife, the husband snapped: ‘This is all you fault Ethel. If it weren’t for your goddam bran muffins, I could have been here ten years ago!’